This is the personal webspace of Nicklas Ingels and below is explanations to what you'll find in this, my digital kingdom..


About is a section about me, You can skip this part and check out my latest Tweets if you just want to fun parts.

"The Blog" is where the collection of useful and maybe-not-so-useful texts, links, images, music and moving pictures I've stumbled on my journey on the Internets. Heck, I might even post my own ideas there. So, behold all things cool, fun  and awesome that I will share with you here but beware that some posts might be in Swedish.

Los Angeles, 2019 is another website of mine, devoted to a movie entitled Blade Runner. I kinda love that movie.


So buckle up,  come on and let me be your guide. We're going for a ride with no destination on the map what so ever, I just broke the GPS and the map just blew out the window